November 15, 2021

Increasingly the weirdness of phone numbers, how anyone can contact you without a prior connection if they know or can guess 10 or so digits, is becoming apparent. Hell, if it wasn't for the ubiquity of SMS text as the default "Two Factor Authentication", or non-SMS services like Signal that seem pretty bound to phone numbers, it would be tempting to try and make all phone numbers go the way of the personal landline.

(Man, it's been so long I don't even remember... when you moved, the phone number stayed with the house, right? Like it was cellphones that brought out more permanent phone numbers...)
So, Republicans can't really win on fair votes, so:
A. they bitch and moan and make a culture of questioning any election they think they shoulda won
B. gerrymander the fuck out of everything
C. cheat and fuck around with procedure and not actually doing their fucking jobs to steal supreme court seats
Oh and
D. in Texas, make up bizarre ass "lets deputize everyone" new laws to avoid the normal forms of court review.

I mean what the fuck. How can anyone be a Republican and think their party is on the up and up?