excerpts from "A Carnival of Snackery"

November 18, 2021
Just finished David Sedaris "A Carnival of Snackery", excerpts from his last 20 years of journaling. (I really do like the journal genre....) Just in time for Melissa and I to see him live on Sunday.
September 25, 2007

To honor the death of Marcel Marceau I observed a minute of silence.
David Sedaris, "A Carnival of Snackery"

We had drinks last night with our neighbor, who said, in reference to a schoolmate who had gone on to amass a great fortune, "When a friend succeeds, a little part of us dies, doesn't it?"
David Sedaris, "A Carnival of Snackery"

March 17, 2010

This afternoon's Radio 4 quiz show included the line "One in three Americans weighs as much as the other two."
David Sedaris, "A Carnival of Snackery"

The key is to fill the space between your skill level and perfection with charm.