best photos of 2021

January 3, 2022
My favorite photos from 2021.

I've tried to be more mindful about not letting my "One Second Everyday" video clips interfere too much with my regular photography... so this year I started doing a regular reminder to check my phone for interesting images from the week that I might want to post.

Open Photo Gallery: Best of 2021

Dean in Arlington

Ducks in Lower Mystic Lake

Heron in Worcester

Swan at Mystic River

Gulls at Ocean Grove

Kellie at Arboretum

Girls in Medford

Girls in Arlington playground

Maile in Vermont

Charlo's retirement in Watertown

Melissa and Gull in Ocean Grove

Dean in chair

As usual I've noticed a two-axis aspect; images that are striking for me visually, in an abstract or objective way, and images that are more emotionally resonate, with the "best" images hitting high in both. But for my "second best" galleries, I realized I could use that split as an excuse to make two galleries, the first more purely visual:

Open Photo Gallery: 2021 Visuals

And the other gallery of more personal ones. (But I guess all of these have a pretty decent visual aspect as well)

Open Photo Gallery: 2021 Memories

Barista: Would you like to try a cappuccino muffin?
Customer: No, thanks. I don't want to start my appetite yet.

–Starbucks, 45th & Broadway
"Overheard in New York"
I saw this probably much closer to when it was posted, like 2014 or so. I think it was posted as something funny, the paradox of avoiding eating to avoid hunger, but I think it's dead-on for me!

Trying to figure out if I should keep up the daily breakfast of banana in a wrap with nutella. Its a nice breakfast treat but I think it just gets me looking for other food in the late morning.