december 2021 new music playlist

Easy Way Out
Low Roar
Mellow indie - this song features in the game "Death Stranding".
Mentioned on the podcast "How Did This Get Played", in part of the how the game is an exhibit of "stuff Hideo Kojima likes"

Leave Me Alone (Remix)
Anup K.R.
Funny Hip Hop... kind of similar vibe to F*** this S*** I'm out
via this video in a tumblr post.
Justice 2020 (feat. Chali 2na & Trombone Shorty) [Cut Chemist Remix]
Protest NOLA music/hiphop.
Recommended via Melissa's hairdresser.
I remember my 5th grade best friend telling me about this song way back when - when he described it I remember hoping it wasn't a jingoistic anti-Russia song, but no, it's just generally anti-nukes. "It would be such an inconsiderate Thing to Do / If the Russians love their children too" really stuck with me.
Maybe I thought of this because we were watching "The Death of Stalin".
Magikarp Festival
Pokkén Tournament
Cool electronika with traditional Japanese drums.
From a random tumblr post.
Own Brand Freestyle (feat. Finch Fetti)
FelixThe1st & Dreya Mac
I guess this is a TikTok dance?
Via this tumblr post
Great flamenco (or something) guitar.
She featured on that Pee Wee Herman Radio Hour that was making the rounds last month.
Doom Crossing: Eternal Horizons (feat. Natalia Natchan)
The Chalkeaters
Comedy musical mashup of Animal Crossing (a very sweet and gentle game) and DOOM Eternal (a very violent metal game)
Random recommendation (after Montaigne's stuff)
The Question Song (Studio Version)
Tom Wilson
Was thinking about his really bad 80s standup with a tuba he did.
Hits from the Bong
Cypress Hill
So-so slow groove drug hiphop with a very short loop sample of "Sweet Talking Son of a Preacher Man"
I was looking for more versions of "Preacher Man"

Surface Pressure
Jessica Darrow
Strong Lin-Manuel Miranda song (I think he was involved in it) - has that kind of infectious Hamilton energy.
Chas linked to this song, after they had watched the movie "Encanto"...
Send Me on My Way
Guy Meets Girl
Soft indie boy/girl cover of that Rusted Root song.
Via this super cute tumblr post about the friendship of a dog and a new kitten
Tide Is High (Get the Feeling)
Atomic Kitten
Very 90s cover of the 60s (??) song also covered by Blondie. It's amazing how loud this song is.
One of the answers to a music trivia thing at work, where all the songs were somehow tied into cats.
Battle Hymn of the Republic
60s Black Folk cover of the Civil War classic.
First recommendation for this song, looked for it after thinking about adding "Solidarity Forever" (same tune different lyrics) for my band BABAM.
Drive My Car
Black Heat
Funky cover of the Beatles song. I got sort of obsessed of if I like the way they tweak the "you can be my driver, and that's a start"...
Spin off of looking for Aretha Franlin's cover of "Let It Be" when I found this album of Black American Beatles covers.
The Anaconda of the Opera
mashed potatoes
Mashup, the hiphop song (with the deep sample of the 80s classic) and Phantom for all the theater nerds.
Via this Probably-Bad-RPG-ideas tumblr post

Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak & Silk Sonic
Great Bruno Mars, so much happy energy.
via this apple Airpods ads
Male Fantasy
Billie Eilish
Very moody plaintive song.
From her recent SNL appearance.
Hayley Kiyoko
Modern electronic pop.
Credits music (I think) on an episode of Loki...

Games from behind the Iron Curtain. Interesting free-wheeling energy to it - comments on the slashdot article linked to a gameplay video of the game Perestroika - interesting blend of commentary and gameplay, if rather light in the animation department.
Talking about those last links, someone brought up both Tetris and Rubik's Cube... made me think about those solving robots, and found this video for world's records involving solving:

See also The Adventures of Indiana Jones in Wenceslas Square in Prague on January 16, 1989 a kind of terrible game you can now play in English in a browser
The atoms our bodies are made up of are 13 billion years old.
Damn, no wonder I have trouble waking up in the morning.