January 7, 2022

I've been thinking about this concept, additive vs subtractive nutrition. This nutritionist dismissing some food myths had a similar energy.
A FB friend posted the Joshua Bell experiment where one of the finest musicians in the world goes nearly unnoticed during a busy DC commute. (One of the original authors objects to some of its memification but still I think the core idea stands through)

My response was this:
one take away for me is that context matters. things aren't always beautiful in and of themselves in a self-contained way, it's set and setting and how they connect- that matters too.

(among my fellow programmers i find this reductionist vs holism thing comes up a lot, this drive to ignore context and deal with things as self contained units)

but also, yeah, good to keep our eyes open for innocuous things we can make a beautiful connection to.

Insurrection: the musical. For all you musical fans. Or anyone who doesn't think orderly change of government should be overseen by rando dudes in buffalo outfits invading our capitol and looking for political enemies to hurt.

RIP Sidney Poitier (also... bell hooks, Betty White, John Madden, et al...)