january 2022 new music playlist

February 5, 2022
je t'appelle (acid radio edit)
Armand Van Helden feat. Sahara
Clubby electronica
From my friend Arun's collection.
Bull Jine Run
A Black folkish/spiritual version of a kind of sea shanty?
Found after looking up their version of Battle Hymn of the Republic.

Plastic Jesus
Kenny 3
Funny countrified song. "I don't care if it rains or freezes / Long as I got my plastic Jesus / Riding on the dashboard of my car."
I remember this from my youth but it was recently mentioned on an episode of Baby Geniuses podcast.

Happier Than Ever
Billie Eilish
Dreamy mournful ukulele-ish piece.
From her appearance on SNL.
Female pop.
I think some incidental music on "This American Life"

Beautiful Machine
The Shrinks
Funky little... not even sure of the genre, kinda rock, kinda indie, maybe a shade of punk.

The Irrepressibles
Such a beautiful gay anthem. You must watch this video... the gayest thing I've seen, in the loveliest sense of that word.
Blue Monday
Classic club song (sigh Man Ray), guess it's not quite the original.
The podcast 99% Invisible had a piece on how the floppy disk album cover for this single was super expensive.
Alligator Dance (Seneca)
Leslie Bowen, Avery Jimerson, Richard Johnny-John, Herbert Dowdy, Sr., Johnson Jimerson & Marty Jimerson
Seneca music featuring Richard Johnny-John, who sang when my folks were ceremoniously adopted into Seneca clan families.

Words of Advice
In the spirit of "Everyone's Free (To Where Sunscreen)", sardonic advice with a beat.
Something from "This American Life".
Harry Nilsson
Kinda corny 60s rock.
From end credits of the first season finale of "Space Force"
Zinda Rehti Hain Unki Mohabbatein (From "Mohabbatein")
Lata Mangeshkar
Music that sounds like it's from Bollywood musicals, starts with percussion I dig.
From this tweet about WFH

Goldeneye 007 (Trap Remix) [Mission Status N64 Pause Screen]
Trap Remix Guys
Cool cover of the old N64 video game pause music, with an appealing little skittery skritch of trap music.
Sought out a version after this clip on a "watching people die inside" video... it's so much more of a lowkey banger than it needs to be!
Streets Favorite
Mediocre hiphop sampling overwrought 60s song "(Remember) Walking in the Sand"
background on one of these watching people die inside clips.

Power of Yet
Janelle Monae / Sesame Street
Funky little piece about the power of persistence...

Melissa and I brought the nieces to see the Dino Safari thing at Quincy Market (someone else's kids in the red photo but just there for scale)

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