March 18, 2022

Just finished "Pac-Man: Birth of an Icon", a colorful coffee-table-book masterpiece.
So infamously Pac-Man was originally Puck-Man, the name changed to avoid F'in vandalism, but the original cabinet art was so much better than the one released in the USA.

People aren't quite sure of the origin of the "toy-like" red-eyed, be-legged but armless smirking Pac-Man, though it may have been outsourced to Gordon Morison. The eye-catching yellow sides were probably a great idea, however.
I had a strong concept about what a game designer is- someone who designs projects to make people happy.
Toru Iwatani, creator of Pac-Man

Making a game combines everything that's hard about building a bridge with everything that's hard about composing an opera. Games are basically operas made out of bridges.
Frank Lantz, Directory of the New York University Game Center

Also I do love the art for the earlier Namco game "Gee Bee"...

Indiana cheerleaders rescued a stuck ball vs. Saint Mary's and became legends...