March 24, 2022

If I can wear about the same outfits I have been for the past quarter century.... am I Fashion Timeless or just Fashion Obliviousness?
(tho understanding A. there's a gender advantage here, but also B. mundane fashion seems to have slowed down a bit the past years, maybe ever since an ascendency of aspirational middle class look from the Gap...)
what if ghosts can't see us either and they're scared as shit cause who the fuck is making pizza bagels at 2 a.m

Moving speech by Senator Booker about the significance of Judge Jackson's nomination (longer version)
Most alien races scorned humanity for their lack of psychic ability and reliance on perceiving the world through light and vibrations... until they participated in their first war. Turns out lining up straight light beams through sights lets you aim weapons at devastatingly long ranges.