May 5, 2022


This is the problem. Conservatives assume everyone is like them but with different priorities. They think the opposite of authoritarianism is queer authoritarianism, and the opposite of colonialism is the colonial oppression of white people. It doesn't occur to them that people who aren't on top of an oppressive regime could want anything other than to be on top of an oppressive regime.
Lately I've been increasingly troubled by authoritarianism. Especially as I start to figure that every system of values and relationships we are part of emerges and unfolds from simpler things. Since things aren't handed down from on high, the presumption that someone absolutely knows the best interpretation of how things "should be" is galling, yet some people make a lifestyle of it.
In Cree, they don't say "hippopotamus", they say great thick skinned thick thighed big mouthed two toothed underwater swimming pig and I think that's beautiful