August 22, 2022

I admit I scoff and wonder when I see people's phones with 10,000s of unread messages, but admittedly that's because I lean so heavily on Gmail's "Important" heuristic, which is pretty decent (And I have always preferred its earlier yay/nay guess to the "divide into TYPE of mail" that came later) I aim for something like inbox zero, but only counting the stuff labeled "important".

But, my "unimportant" pile was sneaking up 10,000 - I really need to unsubscribe more often - since Dec 8. I mean 10K feels like a TON... but it's only ~40 a day!

The way 40 a day adds up to 10,000 in less than a year, and I think that sounds surprising to most people - is part of a general "innumeracy" most of us share. Like we just aren't good at thinking about how stuff scales geometrically, like "number of emails per day" x "number of days", and 365 days is more time than it feels like.