August 26, 2022

It's tough being a lesbian, and a feminist - some days I'm part of the problem.
Wanda Sykes (last night at the Medford Square Chevalier)
(it was one of those phones-in-sealed-bags shows, so I couldn't transcribe the quote when it was fresh, so slight paraphrase.)

When I think about procrastination, I think back to this one self-hypnosis (or something) CD I had, and the woman with a "Just Do It Now" mantra, something like "it will feel so good if you Just Do It Now".

I think about hypnosis. I guess it seems arrogant to assume I'm likely not too succeptible? thoughts of Jabba the Hutt "You weak minded fool! He's using an old Jedi mind trick...Your mind powers will not work on me, boy." But I do wonder if my deeply internalized distrust of intuition and habitual diminishment of personal preference until my higher brain takes a guess at the objective view of things means I'm less prone to unquestioningly take the hypnotic suggestion.

Or not. I dunno. Sometimes it just seems like a scam.
Generally, highly motivated, intelligent individuals are the best hypnotic subjects because of their ability to concentrate; [...] However, the ability to concentrate, though necessary for hypnotic susceptibility, is not in itself a sufficient condition since some subjects who show good concentration are relatively unsusceptible.

Casually mentioning that persons of low mentality seldom are good hypnotic subjects increases motivation. Even though this statement is not strictly true, all patients wish to be regarded as above average in intelligence. Therefore, the remarks, by inference, increase their susceptibility. [...] Scientifically minded individuals are often poor subjects because of internal "noise"--self-analysis of their emotions.
I suspect I fall firmly into that final category; sounds like a deeply-ingrained habit of second-guessing oneself seems to be a barrier to hypnosis. So my guess is hypnosis works by having the hypnotist take the role of an internal voice of the mind, and works best when one's inner voice is used to being seeing as authoritative.

(On the other hand, I feel like I'm as prone to suspending disbelief as anyone when dreaming...)

Forgiving your son who ran away from home to blow his inheritance and celebrating his return with a big feast is a slap in the face to the sons who faithfully stayed by your side the whole time!