September 8, 2022

I always thought the old Doors line should be recast "did you have a good world when you died? Enough to base a wikipedia page on?" By some counts there's like 610K people off of Wikipedia's "Category: Living People", so on a world of almost 8 billion, that's like .008% of folks. So now I don't feel so bad.
20s: OMG deep down we all feel the same

30s: you have your own experience I won't presume to know how you feel

40s: to communicate anything accurately is a miracle

50s: chaos rules our bodies are dying hold me

60s: every good thing is precious

70s: what is that light

Regular eye exam today - Gratitude to the Universe and the Powers That Be that my eyes are in pretty good health!

My model of the universe is so visual.... that I was tempted to use the word "view of the universe" for it. I guess if something bad happened to my eyes I'd adapt, but for now I'll just be thankful I only have to pop my glasses up to read close up stuff.