September 14, 2022

of all of the bizarre things I've seen while working in skilled nursing the one that's going to stick with me until I die is bug god

nothing can possibly prepare you for the moment you show up to give a man his apple juice and he says "Do you think bugs come from the same god as us? They're older than our god. They have their own."

Somewhat thoughtful terf/trans argument on tumblr with attempts at science from both sides. (I think ultimately doomed with irreconcilable views of definitions and descriptivist vs prescriptivist "majority therefore THE WAY" thinking)
When your last name is a country often going through conflict, idiotic custom shirts like these on offer hit a bit different.

I had a fine time getting my bivalent COVID booster at CVS, but it has been tougher for Melissa - they were out when she showed up for her scheduled appointment (rumors of an ordering snafu on the initial batch), and now waiting on hold with the pharmacy to make sure they'll have it on hand this evening?

Well, 2 hours on hold and it starts to dawn "maybe they're not going to pick up".

Chainstore pharmacy folks are among the most exploited people in healthcare, I'd wager. The understaffing is pretty significant.