September 19, 2022

Once upon a time I read a beautiful set of short stories "We Find Ourselves in Moontown" by Jay Gummerman. In one of them the main character is watching a rerun of "The Fugitive":
I turn the set back on and close my eyes. "I want to understand you," a woman is saying to The Fugitive. "You will in time," The Fugitive tells her. "May I use your car?"
Jay Gummerman

in class on middle egyptian language & literature i did a couple years ago, we translated a letter which began 'What does it mean that I have not heard from you? My heart wonders what you are doing 1000 times a day.' At end of lecture, professor reveals the letter was never sent
(On a tangentially related note, I reformatted the old K+R Carousel, this huge stock of love letters from back in the day.)

Happy 40th Birthday of the Smiley!

Related: I'm ok that emoji have become more popular than punctuation smilies, but bummed that the "laughing so hard I'm crying" ones are 2 of the top 5 spots in the USA- I use plenty 😃 to round off the edges of my casual writing, but the laugh-crying ones are trying to hard, like they seem dishonest, the LOL of the emoji world...

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