November 4, 2022

What do you think your dancing adds to the band's dynamic and live presence?
It takes away the pressure of Dicky having to jump around. Nobody else has to jump around, really, I'm jumping around for them. They can all concentrate on their instruments and I take that pressure off. It sort of gives the audience something to feed on, you know? How many times have you been at a show where you're like, "No one else is jumping around, nobody is dancing, the band is kind of just staring at their shoes, I guess I will." You know, my dancing is kind of like saying, "It's ok to dance, it's ok to move around. We're doing it, you guys do it!"
You can see him at his craft when they were doing "The Impression That I Get" live on Conan.

I really wish JP Honk had someone in that role! Leftist Marching Band has something similar with a classic-form majorette/twirler.

(Also, I really wish I liked the sound of Ska more; I love bringing in brass instruments to modern forms, and I've heard the community and culture is really good. But the rhythm is such a steady floor, those trombone offbeats... no funk mixing it up.) ("The Impression That I Get" makes up for it with a killer hook, that KNOCK ON WOOD invites the dance gesture)