January 9, 2023

Via https://at.tumblr.com/astrophysicist-not-princess/705953357223854080/zk4fyt7rk0at
What is a bit sad is that it's obvious for Elon Musk's entire career that he's desperately trying to align himself with whatever large group of people on the internet seem to like him at any given moment. The seamless transition from Reddit-user Epic Science liberal to vaguely-libertarian crypto booster to Own The Libs conservative has coincided perfectly with the shifting positive feelings that each of those groups has towards him. He's just lonely. Of course if I were him my loneliness might lead me to try and help raise any of my 10 children rather than posting boomer memes

Context is Strawberries.
Bas-Jan Walewijk

TIL: Transroosters are absolutely a thing.