January 22, 2023

I'm not saying that Cora has a lot of pets in her two households, but... (in rough order of 'legit pet' to 'thing we feed a bit')

Pug: Annie
Border Collie: Luke
Cat: Moose, Aria, Gomez, Cisco
Hamster: Bonfire
Bunnies: Sugar, Spice
Parakeets: Romeo, Juliet
Fish: Beta
Other Fish: Rainbow, Guppy, Pearl, Survivante
Diamond Dove: Yoshi
Doves: Thomas, Fern, Pierre, Presto, Fruitcake
Outdoor Cat: Eclypso
Outdoor Chickens: Echo, Benedict the 2nd, Blue, Delta
Indoor Teen Chickens: Sushi, Houdini, Chuckles, Diamond, Valentine, Amethyst, Ruby, Eve the 2nd, Villanelle the 2nd, Spartacus, Alba
Outdoor Goldfish: Minnie, Spike, Wednesday, Morticia, Pugsly
Squirrel: Snacks
Chipmunk: Chip

I dunno is 45 a lot?

*through gritted teeth* you are not a child taking a test with the purpose of getting the highest score, you are an adult trying new things and finding ways to enjoy your life, make mistakes, be a beginner, be mediocre, be where you need to be, be unlikeable, just. be.