January 24, 2023

Looking at my blog, I noted John Conway's death in 2020, but I'm not sure I realized it was COVID-related. (Also I'm haunted by not being sure if I had forgotten about his passing when I read Genius at Play in 2022) But also I may have missed this touching xkcd tribute:
Unsurprisingly, no "artistic license" to make the glider, that's following basic Life rules... damn it Randall, you are so smart yet heartfelt.
Haha, just won a geeky bet from my buddy Elio that the "dewback" (giant ride-able lizard seen with some stormtroopers on Tatooine) was in the original movie, and not an addition in the updates.
I was pretty confident because I had had the toy of it, and while it doesn't get much screentime I had a feeling it wasn't the kind of toy they would have added on (ala the mini-rigs) - like I think Imperials would be more likely to use walkers or droids.

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Which reminded me of the "luggabeast" from the first of the 3 sequels - I didn't quite catch on that it was kind of a biological / mechanical hybrid.