"the fight for what's right is whatever they do" is hardly a basis for a moral system

February 6, 2023
Been thinking about the old Adventures of the Gummi Bears cartoon...

A few thoughts:
1. Making a mythological sort of backstory for a candy was an interesting choice, especially since it wasn't tied to a particular brand.
2. This cartoon really upped the animation standards for Saturday morning fare. Looking at the intro... maybe some of it was the design? Those Ogres just have a great sense of mass to them, as do the bears themselves (and the end of that club "Cavin" is wielding at around 30 seconds in)
3. For a long time I thought the theme song had a line "They take pride in knowing / the fight for what's right is whatever they do" which even as a youngster struck me as a bizarrely self-serving sense of morality. (Reading and listening now, it's probably "they'll fight for what's right in whatever they do" which is a bit better.)
4. The family relationship in the warren was always kind of vague. But Sunni Gummi, the second youngest one, always struck me as surprisingly gender ambiguous. Maybe some of it was her kind of stylish short, swooped 80s haircut, but also I think it's good that they avoid the "smurfette" variety of pre-teen girlhood in the show.

I realize I think a lot about this tumblr-ized tiktok of Cheetah Calls for His Sibling, like beyond the "heh Cheetah's make surprisingly housecat like meows", I think how it demonstrates what our kitty Dean is looking for. Maybe less licking though.
You should see this