March 9, 2023

Today I visited the Cambridge lab of Bob Doyle... Bob is a Harvard Astronomer / Inventor / Entrepreneur / Philosopher. (If you remember the old toy "Merlin", that was him, which is why he's standing here next to a giant functional model of one. Along with the game "Stop Thief", synchronized sound for Super 8 recording, MacPublish (the first Desktop publishing program for Mac), was part of making the first podcast ever happen, etc etc.

Open Photo Gallery

You can read more about him on the about page of his "information philosopher" site about page. I just finished his book on "Free Will", a large tome charting the history of that philosophical challenge along with an emphasis on the thinkers he thinks had the best idea for it, refined into a 2-stage-model he calls Cogito.

He agreed to lecture on Free Will at the March 23rd zoom meeting of the Science and Spirituality group I run, so if you'd like to sit in on that - like if you're interested in how we are able to make decisions and choices even though it seems like we're stuck in a Universe where every effect has a chain of causes, ping me and I will add you to the list.