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At a Blowout Party for Unsung Republican Heavyweights, the Men Were Drunk--and Anxious - A journey into the Republican soul in 2023.

The headline for this is interesting in what it leaves out, because the article is all in the context at a giant convention for car dealers. It's one of the more popular ways of making a lot of money, but it's a middleman role, and dependent on the regulations that prevent car makers from selling direct (with Tesla being one of the foremost challengers to those rules - as well as being the harbinger of a probably pivot to EV, where it's not clear that the pickings will be quite so ripe for the dealers who make so much bank on providing warranty service.) But dealers also have a strong reputation for backing local charities and sports leagues and what not - kind of a well-distributed resting point from the American tendency to always channel wealth upwards.

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