July 1, 2023

Today Cora and I had a longer than usual weekly call and we did some excellent Minecraft-ing.

Open Photo Gallery

The distance view - the house on top (low key the nicest detail was the cherry blossom tree), the pen for the new "Sniffer" MOB we raised from an egg, and between my proudest contribution, a big organic-looking walkway I made (even though in creative mode we fly all the time time it's nice to make it more like a real space)

Cora really impresses on interior design, here is the kitchen of our mountain top cottage-core-themed house.

And the bunkbeds upstairs... not shown were some bookshelves downstairs I was heartened to see her include

Also we had a secret underground science lab (some design cues from "Portal". It was set up to help her clone her beloved wolf pup Hachiko, but to practice we had a cloned creeper she is looking at here who became the lab mascot- she names all such pets she doesn't care about "Jeff", which was extra funny when I found out it's A. because of Jeff Bezos but B. she didn't know who Jeff Bezos is, she just picked on the name)

After the successful main cloning we did more Portal-like "science" in testing traps on a "Warden" monster in a nearby auxiliary testing area cave

Final overhead shot. Good day of crafting!