August 14, 2023

While driving yesterday, I thought about the idea that the atmosphere is very thin relative to the size of the planet, akin to a coat of lacquer on a billiard ball.

And while heights for what people reckon as saying "this is the atmosphere" very wildly, 99.99997% of its mass is below 62 miles (the "Kármán line"). Conversely: the earth's diameter is nearly 8000 miles, over 100 times as far.

It weirds me out a little. There is SO much more beneath you than above you! And those beautiful clouds so high up (like, 12 miles, tops) are just clumps of air stuff floating around the thin puddle of air that surrounds our planet.

There are approximately 10 million viruses in every drop of surface seawater, but very few are infectious agents to larger animals like fish, whales, or humans. That's because almost all of the marine viruses are "phages"--viruses that specifically attack marine bacteria. Marine phages cannot carry out cellular metabolism and must therefore rely on the metabolic machinery of their bacterioplankton hosts to replicate.
You learn something new every day! though "each drop of sea water has 10 million viruses" is not one of those things I wish I knew, tbh.
I accidentally told my friend the
sweetest pick up line ever. i started
talking about solipsism (the belief
that everything around you was
created by your mind) and I went "If
everything around me is all my
imagination, then you're the best
thing I've come up with" she was
speechless for a solid five minutes.