September 3, 2023

Yesterday I had the single most delightful body of water related activity I've ever had in New England - this tidal creek at Good Harbor Beach near Gloucester
As the tide comes in or out you are gently swept along, carried along in a way that combines the floatiness of the ocean, the movement of a river, and the choice of depths of a pond. Then you clambor onto shore, walk back and do it again. You can just float along, or feel like you're Michael Phelps achieving mighty speed with your swimming form, or bound along the creek bed. water-aerobics style - I was able to recreate a feeling I get in my dreams, where I step step and then glide forward upright, my feet an inch or two above the ground.
There are some caveats: I think you have to time things around high tide for that day (I'm guess if high tide was noon, 9am-11am and then 1pm to 3pm might be optimal?). Non-residents have to reserve parking way ahead of time. It looks like they've had some bacteria problems over the years, so you have to make sure its open. And there are rocks under parts of it so as the water lowers you need to take some care and put up with some possible bumps and scratches.
But despite all that, it has the potential to be one the best in-the-water times ever!

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