September 6, 2023

Boston is Philly that thinks it's Paris
Kurt Braunohler

Thanks to Paul Gregory, drummer and founding member of Good Trouble (née Second Line) - he uses his skills with fabric materials and construction to make custom accessories for fellow musicians - attached stick bags for drummers, a seatbelt-ish arrangement for lightweight sousaphones that lets a disassembled horn act like a backpack while biking, or in my case, a small releasable strap attaching a cheap passport pouch I bought (for holding band business cards, valve oil, and washable markers for my tuba banner) to the back of the horn.

(Some other tuba players have bags for mouthpieces and neck "bits" in a pouch in front, but I was preferring it behind me - with my tuba beads I have enough stuff dangling there - and now I don't have to rely on stretch-y cloth to keep it held down)