supplying the army of me

Slight follow up to my "think of sharing space with your future self" productivity psychological hack:
1. I am only me in this moment. I'm continuous with the me of my past and the me of my future but in some ways I'm not the "same person".
2. I really imbibed an idea parallel to what Star Trek said when Spock and Kirk exchange "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one." My preferences shouldn't be ignored, but my actions should be based on what the group prefers, with my preferences aggregated into that. (And sympathetic thoughtfulness w/ rationality is the tool to see past first intuitive response, rooted in emotion)

So, the trick is to think of tasks as favors to my future selves - which form a rather big group! Sure *I* might be fine with this messy space, but wouldn't my set of future selves appreciate a less cluttered environment? (To be fair my future self will be sympathetic with who I am now, but they'll still appreciate what I manage to get done...)

Lets go Army of Me!
"your days are numbered" yeah it's called a calendar you f***ing idiot