October 30, 2023

New glasses time!

My longest running pair (8 years) fell out of my pocket when I was wearing sunglasses, and I'm doubtful they'll show up.

Previous pair, for reference:

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They were fun, for sure, but See no longer makes that kind exactly, and my time with my back up Zennis told me three things:

1. I really like clip-on shades, especially the magnetic kind. Much easier than always swapping out to prescription sunglasses.

2. Progressives weren't THAT useful, really, especially if:

3. maybe slightly smaller glasses are easier to peer over (for near rang stuff) and maybe less likely to get quite as smudged all the time.

So I ordered two pairs of Zennis - they only have 3 or 4 large/wide options that have clipons, including the style that I dabbled with in 2013 and have been my spares.

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The front running pair, - they have an interesting red color accent (that's why my head is weirdly angled, to show it off)- I tend to prefer blues and greens, but the red makes me remember my dad coveting Sally Jessy Raphael's signature red glasses back in the day.
Same pair with clipons
Photos three and four of a pair identical to my spares. Melissa thinks they're a bit meh/mid, a bit too obviously 2013 and might make me look older than the previous pair
The clipons are mirrorshades and fun, and meld to the glasses better.
So I'm open for opinions on 1/2 vs 3/4... or other ideas if they're not too expensive. (I've read how gouging most of the eyeglasses industry is) I do need wide frames for my pumpkin-size cranium...

Of course any radically new pair is going to feel strange. Sometimes I'm surprised I went as bold as I did last time...
list of misconceptions young people have of the past. Ashtrays and cigarette smoke being everywhere, few photos being taken, but most of them are a contrast to how now with the Internet, you can be more proactive about choosing what you get: information, shows, goods and clothing ,etc. (So then, everyone might be watching the same big shows - and you had to be watching when the broadcast started)

It's one of the reasons I try not to be as worried about smart kids who are indifferent to books; back then if you didn't read you weren't going to know stuff except what school showed you, what other/older people remembered to show you, or what happened to appear on tv. (I think reading, and reading FAST, helped me as a kid and on tests, and books are distinctive how a single person can create an evocative world.)
Not MY interest but I'm sure somebodies, from an Associated Press article predicting the emergence of tall women - via this blog entry