November 7, 2023

Using the DALL-E 3 plugin for some Alien Bill...I could't always get to the result I wanted, not sure if that's a basic problem with DALL-E and ChatGPT or if I can improve my prompting...

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"User make a picture of an alien bill, a green running alien (round body, no head, big single eye right on the body) no horns, no mouth" followed by "can you remake the first one but remove the mouth that is appearing under the eye"
"great! could you make that same alien sitting in a big armchair" followed by "please remake the second image but make it so there is no separate head and body, just a single round sphere with an eye on it and no mouth"
"great! please draw alienbill (single head/body sphere, no mouth) standing on a barren moon-like planetscape. the surface is violent, with a crater in the background. the sky is purple. there are a few small stars in the sky. there is a red classic-shaped rocket perched on the ground in the background, with tailfins" (After 4 or so iterations, I couldn't get it to stop reverting to a more classic "alien" look but this one is pretty dang cute.

Is it just me or is it kinda scammy how PayPal lumps "automatic recurring payments" with every other type of "automatic payment" (i.e. you don't have to log in) ? No filter by "recurring", no sort by last charged, just a giant alphabetical list - starting with 5 or so, then adding like 8 at a time with "see more"?
It's almost like they don't want to make this stuff easy to review...