November 10, 2023

Dreams of running around some hotel quarters of the cast of the Office (In real life I had stumbled on an episode previously that night) as well as with an old work manager (I had seen her that day in a climbing gym video) and there was something about looking down and then going to investigate a badly built hotel whose collapse killed thousands.

But the weirdest part was hanging out in a room with the writers of Penny Arcade? And they were getting ready to graduate at some kind of commencement ceremony, except instead of normal pants they wanted to keep wearing shorts or something under the graduation gown, and so elected to wear just the bottom quarter of pant legs with an elasticized top on each leg, like bizarre khaki leg warmers.

I started teasing them with a song to the tune of Billy Joel's "The Longest Time" -- "Whooaa, whoa whoa whoa -- you deserve real pants" and instead of "That hasn't happened for the longest time" it was "And you can wear them for several times", answering how it was some kind of economizing that got the artists wearing such weird hybrids...

...I think the stress of funemployment might be getting to me.
I do suspect I make typos more regularly as I age, especially phonetic/homophonic ones (or "mouthfeel" ones like the m<=>b swap like "me" for "be".) It's a little alarming to observe, but I don't think necessarily a harbinger of a slide down senility mountain.

So I'm always a little relieved when I see members of this family of typos from back when I was younger - I just found the king of youthful phonetic typos, this typo from a middling story I wrote in college, "Angels and Sam":

"because he couldn't figure out which answer he was hoping to here."

Ah well, like I always said "I want to live like I type: fast, and with a lot of mistakes"
Keep your eyes open, people.

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