gozerian a go go

My friend Dave's band Gozerian played the Midway Cafe last night...

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Amazing, such a blend of studio-style sound with the energy of live performance, a giant heap of great percussion (biggest kit I've seen) and the light rig they brought in behind really added to it...
You can have a handful of individual evil people, certainly. But even when committing great acts of evil, most of the people committing those acts don't think they're doing evil. They think they're doing something justified, even good.

And if we lose sight of that, if we lose sight of the fact that people are just people, no matter how evil their actions, we lose sight of the fact that we, too, are capable of evil. I am capable of evil. You are capable of evil. We are all capable of evil. And if we label anyone 'simply evil' without trying to understand how they got there, we risk getting there too.
I always thought it was just because declaring a group of people "non-people" could justify any violence against them, but yeah, there's also that "no human could be so evil, and I KNOW I'm human, so I can't possibly be that evil" aspect that may be more important.