November 20, 2023

Are sleeping dreams "creative"? Like should you get credit for a creative process for what you dream?

A. Obviously! It's all in your head after all.
B. Obviously Not! It's just your brain scrambling to make narrative from random sparks.
C. Mixed... the initial generation is unintentional and might not really count, but the weirdness of the narrative your brain makes for it correlates to your imagination in waking life.

Open Photo Gallery

Red Rebels against the Weymouth Compressor Station
Mens Room at the Midway Cafe
Big clouds behind School of Honk percussionists

Ran into Google's idea for shared 'notes' on webpages - my friend SpindleyQ helped me realize just how much it had been done before but Third Voice was probably the one I was thinking of, he dug up this website railing against it
another set of free covid tests!

I found out a guy I gave a lift to on Monday was testing positive Sunday... so I think the timing works out ok for me but still it was a stark reminder that it still makes sense to be cautious. (The headliner comedian we saw Saturday was like "yeah I have COVID really bad!" - I was happy we were halfway back in a big auditorium and had put on masks as the place filled in...)

Also I can't believe people are being so lame about not getting this year's vaccine! Yes, the variants are probably getting less harmful (especially now that most people have been exposed) and yes it's not 100% proof, but damn it sure is better than nothing - there are still some mysteries around Long COVID...