December 29, 2023

Melissa and I took a trip to Philadelphia - "birthplace of Independence" and of me. (I kept asking people there if they missed me but I guess they were all tourists?)

We got through like half of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, hit Monk's Café, went to the Philadelphia Zoo's LumiNature light show, then made a quick stop at Dalessandro's on our way out for cheesesteak.

Open Photo Gallery

We started at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
Here's Melissa at Twombly's Fifty Days at Iliam.
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia!
Here Melissa is playing a game I think many tourists play... where the hell is the Rocky Statue? Those cowards moved it discretely off to the side at the base of the stairs. I felt like it was false advertising tbh.
"The Shape of Time: Korean Art after 1989" was the feature show - this is a detail of Headless by Michael Joo
Melissa peeking at the main gallery...
...which features Augustus Saint-Gaudens' Diana...
Melissa was struck by some of the the stained glass in the old Europe section, and knew about the painstaking construction.
I like taking weird closeups of faces at museums...
Melissa struck by the beauty of the woman in Dorothea Tanning's "Birthday"
Chief Justice John Marshall... mostly just trying out the iPhone's portrait mode. Melissa reminded me that "Cinematic" mode for video is pretty dope (I should have been doing more of my 1 Second Everydays with it)
Killing time waiting for a table to open at Monk's, found this placard, which I think is a fancy way of saying "hey you bums stay offa our sidewalk!"
Went to the Philadelphia Zoo's "LumiNature" light show...
Flamingo Tree
Light Tunnel