February 4, 2024

The other day, I added a new piece of room decor that makes my inner child so, so happy: an Arcade1Up 2/3 scale edition of the old Star Wars arcade game. That game just grabbed me so hard as a kid - the idiosyncratic "yoke" controller just feels so good, and the 3 stages of Death Star destroying action are so well crafted.

I wanted to get this game when we got the condo but it was out of stock in 2021, but they rereleased in time for to be an early Birthday gift to myself.

Open Photo Gallery

Moving my dad's typewriter back, along with an interesting fake tree - my mom uses something similar as a holidayable-but-year-round porch decoration, and I think it has a good vibe with the St James Infirmary poster Melissa got me in New Orleans (and an authentic circa-1894 Circus Train poster my dad acquired). Also the red rustoleum cat "hiss kitty" is peeking out from the door.
Thew new view from my webcam.... newish geek "CSS Flexbox" poster I need to rehang more properly, a typography art piece, the "Glorious Trainwrecks" poster, a cheap Blue baritone, Books, a tiny Centipede game, Alien Bill, the new Star Wars addition, a print from my dad's collection, hulk hands, a keyboard, and a tuba. Espcially with the tuba, I think this space is giving "Animal Crossing". (IYKYK)
Where the magic happens. A random bird print, some Futurama needlework by my cousin Llara, a framed photo I took, my dad's needlework of an indigenous Alaskan (I think) print, JP Honk, my "Wall of Peeps", a vintage poster of a Boston intersection recliamed from a library archive, 2 monitors, my trusty Macbook, a funky Klipsch speaker, a print of Dylan and me, a streetsign retooled into an artist's palette.
Panorama of the whole space. I really wish I had documented every "my room" I've ever had...
Arguably I don't really have room for the arcade game, but between a renewed effort to keep my office orderly (which is surprisingly soothing) and some rearranging and other newish-decor, I am really digging my space.

I also did a panorama shot when I first settled in circa 2021. I've given up the CRT/Atari setup. If we had a bigger space I still have the gear to have a lot of old game systems going, but to be honest I don't think I miss it all that much, and this new arcade replica really lands for me. The art on the side is so gorgeous as well... here is a history of its development, including how its controller (which is not like what X-wings have in the movies, but plays so well) came from Bradley Tank simulations Atari was making for the military.

Life tastes better when you're chugging!
I feel this way especially about popcorn. The best tasting amount of amount of popcorn is as much as you can stuff at your mouth at one time.