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Handsome man Dave
view through our hotel door peephole... three floors up, eye to eye with palm trees

via James Gleick... "Eric Swalwell had some good questions for Hunter Biden. No wonder Republicans insisted on conducting this interview behind closed doors." Hey he's just askin' questions!

WALWELL: Any time your father was in government, prior to the Presidency or before, did he ever operate a hotel?

BIDEN: No, he has never operated a hotel.

SWALWELL: So he's never operated a hotel where foreign nationals spent millions at that hotel while he was in office?

BIDEN: No, he has not.

it's messed up that we live in a world where the definition of "freedom of press" is widely defined as "freedom from the government", "press not controlled by the government" and gives zero consideration to press controlled by the capital. even though the capital has greater control over the press than the state in many places. it gets a free pass because it's not a big scary government so it's ok if they control information. get me out of here