March 9, 2024

What I really appreciate about The Talos Principle 2 is that big chunks of its writing genuinely read like they were written by someone who's personally had to justify the discipline of philosophy to a STEM major. "There exists an implicit moral algorithm in the structure of the cosmos, but actually solving that algorithm to determine the correct course of action in any given circumstance a priori would require more computational power than exists in the universe. Thus, as we must when faced with any computationally intractable problem, we fall back on heuristic approaches; these heuristics are called 'ethics'." is a fascinating way of framing it, but then I ask why would you explain it like that, and every possible answer is hilarious.
I like the framing but I think that the moral algorithm is an emergent property, and so any course of action is not so much "correct" as "best". Kind of a bit of ought vs is.
It doesn't stop being magic just because you know how it works.
Terry Pratchett

I suspect one of the telltales that Arlington is a bit too white is that they only have 16 oz jars of Salsa. Why are the gallon jugs so hard to find?