the thetans made me do it

Obviously they're wrong in so many other ways, but sometimes I wonder if Scientologists are onto something by blaming "Body Thetans" as a semi-externalized voice holding us back. I mean it's just a rehashed version of "the devil made me do it" (and I think there's a big tradition of attributing malicious thoughts to demons) or even of more modern "parts" therapies like Internal Family Systems.

But my introspection really indicates that there are huge parts of "me" that just are only under the influence, not the full control, of my more rational, inner-voice self. Like the inner classroom model I like, or sometimes even more like a pack of animals.
For the first time in my life, I formulated this joke:
Since I'm bad with names, I try not to be rude when someone makes the most common mistakes with my own. In other words: better to be Kurt than curt!

(The struggle, It is real. Or Israel.)
I've always loved D+D Alignment Charts...

Billionaires pay less of a percent of their hoards of cash than working folk. WTF.