new music playlist may 2024

5 star:
* Unconditional I (Lookout Kid) (Arcade Fire)
If you want to get (at least!) a little bit verklempt about the relationship between grownups and kids this morning, this song is it. Great video as well

4 star:
* Portrait (Sasami Ashworth)
Lovely little heartstring tugger of a song from "Articles of Interest" podcast

3 star:
* Thunder Rumbles (The Cat Empire)
* Once I Had a Love (a.k.a.. The Disco Song) [Bonus Track] (Blondie)
* Dedicated to Hiroshi Yamauchi. 01 (Chip Tanaka/Acerola Beach )
* All the Small Things (blink-182)
* Mysteries We Understand (Sophie B. Hawkins)
* Limb By Limb (Phish)
* Chaal Baby (feat. Sunny Jain) (Red Baraat)
* Ya Mama (The Pharcyde)
* Dad's Yard (Catie Curtis)
* Eye of the Tiger (Walk Off the Earth)
* Vivaldi Winter Drill #2 (veneris)
* J.B. Shout (Fred Wesley and the J.B.'s)
This Monday morning JP Honk and some other folks from the HONK community were asked to add some energy to Boston City Hall raising a Pride Flag - got to hear from Mayor Wu, a bunch of city council people, and activists in the area. (For the raising itself we played "This Little Light" with a new extra verse "Raise This Rainbow Flag, Raise It High With Pride")

Happy Pride! Celebrate being who you are and loving who you love!

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