one strap good, two straps bad

So I freely admit that my reluctance to use both straps with a backpack - because that was just tragically uncool in the late 80s - is ridiculous (counter arguments: a lot of backpacks properly worn make for a sweaty back)

But as I look at a "fanny pack" I had in a closet (part of my band outfit, especially useful when I was favoring a "sexy copy onesie" that had no pockets whatsoever) - I think about Men's "sling bags" which are like... reflecting a parallel prejudice? Like, hip bags/fanny packs are uncool. But put it over one shoulder? Kinda ok! (and I will ignore the whole genderization of purses thing)

That said I think a good courier bag wins out for looking ok and not sweating up your back - but it might not be enough to stash a hoody in.