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hey boo'ful (from k to r, 31 Aug 1995)

How do you feel?

I guess you would've gone to the doctors by the time you read this.  Stop
by, or whatever, and tell me about it--

Anyway- about last night... it was great and beautiful.  I'm always
knocked over by the level of touch we can have with each other, the
uncommon ability to make touch something elegant, and eloquent.  Both in
giving and receiving.  I envy your ability to verbalize that when we're
together- for some reason I always clam up, just when I mean to say how
wonderful your touching me feels.  (Maybe that's another thing I liked
about our old style 'silent coversations'- like e-mail versus phone, I
always feel more skillfull typing than talking.) And the view *was*
magnificent- both outside your room, and then later, inside, when I was
less concerned with the geography...

You said what we have now is really neat, or something like that last
night, and I agree.  I think our relationship can now be rooted in good,
healthy mature stuff, even if we don't always understand it, or each
other, completely.  I hope it survives a semester full of stress and
under-the-weatherness.  (For which you know I'll be smarting with guilt
over, and will therefore make any other efforts by me when you were unwell
(i.e. hunting for the perfect herbal tea at the commons while Rosetta was
at the Arena Board with the sniffles) look pale by comparisson.)

Hope to see you soon, the sooner the better...

"Would not a rose, by any other name, have so many &#$^ thorns????"

-O\O  Kirk Is              Come visit the Blender of Love:
( = )
"Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea." --/usr/bin/fortune

Oy...that summer I got mono from a brief summer fling. (Which would go on to make a questionable 2 week, 3,000 mile bus tour of England with my family even worse.) Before realizing it, I must have been together with R. again, and was worried I had given it to her...that's not what happened though.

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