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(from k to r, 14 Mar 1997)

is this the merry go round?  no, not quite;
i think our friendship is right now strong
enough to keep us off that; 
still there are cycles.

i don't begrudge anyone any part of you,
but how can i not miss your kiss?

(or the other question: how do you feel about mine?
why for you does desire shift and shimmer, 
condense and glimmer?)

see you tonight.  let's barbecue an ewok for luck.

rhythmically yours

This was the night of the Return of the Jedi rerelease. hence the ewok reference.

That was an odd set of times. She was falling for the guy she ended up married to, so I got to sit with her other friend in the crowded cinema, and they stood together in the back.

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