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KHftCEA 1997-12.1 December
KHftCEA 1997-12.1 December

After driving from NYC so guickly I have a ton of nervous energy... Vroom! Vroom!
What a dull meeting- I'm just not that concerned about what all these cow-orkers do.  I wish I was elsewhere.
"Gosh- that's *swell*"
"peace, love, understanding, wild hot crazy sex" -- pickle
"if man could fly the sky would be ugly" --asparagus
(thoughts of the produce section)
[paper spilling] "Aw man, code just reviewed all over the floor!"
          --Bob S., before the big Catalyst code review
"If I cannot be free, I'll be cheap"
          --Joe Boswell
So Lena's wearing a big old rock... wow.
"...love is what *still* goes on when you are *not* horny."
          --Robert Heinlein
{making love stay is easy... It's lust that flees}
                     --Tom Robbins
I guess the winter
Makes you laugh a little slower
Makes you talk a little lower
About the things
you could not show her
And it's been a long December
And there's reason to believe
maybe this year will be better
 than the last
I can't remember
all the times I've tried to tell myself
to hold on to these moments
as they pass
                     --Counting Crows, A Long December
"... if cats looked like frogs, we'd understand what nasty, brutal little creatures they really are."
          --Terry Pratchett
Waltham does such a beautiful job with the lights in the town square. White Holiday Season Lights really make the season for me.
I imagine I bury a pocket calculator with liquid crystals spelling her name, then watch the earth shoot forth lightning bolts

"You are my trailer park."
          "And you, Anna-Louise, are my tornado."

"We are animals.  Our first instinct when we see an object of beauty is to eat it."

"What'll you do when you meet Heather-Jo on the beach in Malibu?"
"Ask her to write her name in the sand, then roll in the words."
          --Douglas Coupland, "Shampoo Planet"
I've been sneezing in larger groups... given my previous observations, does this mean I'm the equivalent of multi-orgasmic?

"I'm out to shave with Occam's Razor"

radio program had the president of "envirosell" talking about shopping as a social perogative, cross-cultural, to see other people... "shopping is our hunting + gathering"

My increase in blood pressure really really bums me out especially since my exercise program started between the readings... Maybe nookie is the key to better health.
(Plus vericose veins and I forgot to ask about zovirax. Fuck)
homeport.org + dylan's redhead
Running into a minor, fore-shadowed character named Kirk in "Shampoo Planet" was like a physical jolt. Not unpleasant (a millionare) just odd.

But it turns out that Kirk is a Dan. Oh well, reading in bed in a sunbeam is wonderful.
Kaekel's Conjecture: Any neural system sufficiently complex to generate the axioms of arithmetic is too complex to be understood by itself.
"He is the billboard of his own buffoonery."
Wow.  That was some party at Shayne's last night-- didn't get home 'til 5.  Note to self: don't be the token straight guy among a group of drinking lesbians playing "I Never" and "Truth or Dare" unless you really want to. Still to come, will much transpire from Mo's half-whispered suggestions of the FAFs?
Tough to lose the smirk.
car wash on sunday, birdshit on monday.  sheesh.
Bob says Giraffes sleep 20 minutes a day.  I'm so jealous, but worried that dreams have an important role īn our humanity.  Maybe 20 minutes daily would't be enough, but it beats sleeping a third of your life away.

Fun talk about who the alpha and beta software developers might be in our pack at IDD.

I just realized I aspire to write a Douglas Coupland book in my palmpilot.

A possibility of physical contact. Makes life go down easier.  (So to speak.)  Makes me feel more clueless than usual about romance.
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