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KHftCEA 2001-01 January
KHftCEA 2001-01 January

"Do black people realize how invisible they are night?"
"I have yet to see any problem, however complicated, which, when you looked at it in the right way, did not become still more complicated."
--Paul Anderson
Ideas from the kisrael blog:
80s music makes me sad for some reason.  Maybe it's the way a whole genre was born and died all within my lifetime.

*lose weight
*be slower to anger
*meet up with a friend at least once a wekk

A quote from me, in response to the meaning of life in alt.atheism:

Here are the three meaningful things in life: being happy, being kind & patient & generous, and being interesting.

I exercise on a $2400 stairmaster and use a tacobell cup with a cracking lid that came free with a value meal for water.
"The world's full of offensive knickknacks, Yahoo, have fun banning it all."
--slashdot.org on Yahoo banning sale of Nazi memorabilia (possibly in response to pressure from France)
"What did I teach you about sharing?"
--Grounded for Life
Perhaps I have finally gotten the 'can't figure out the right turn for Coolidge Corner' off my back... It's the one that says Harvard Square Right Lane Exit Only.
gleasoae@purdue.edu wrote:

> Well, one can technically say that "genetically" we're very similar to chimps.  It depends on what your frame of reference is...

 "Genetically" we are nearly identical to fruit flies.  On the other hand, as a species we write better string quartets.
--rhc@world.std.com in alt.fan.cecil-adams
Mo wondered why I spend more time teasing and building up during scenes as opposed to our usual time together.  I realized it's because I know she'd feel obligated to return the attention, and while like being on the giving end of that, receiving doesn't do that much for me.

I think the kisrael.com blog is going to become more important, and the KHftCEA less so.  I like the idea of getting memes out there in a sense, and there's the potential for doodles and of course links that don't really exist on the palm.
"Tom will be working something like 4 jobs in the next few months. My advice to you - don't follow your dreams. It takes up too much time and leaves you poor."
--Dylan, 01-1-8
"Bringing the beast stumbling to its feet"
--John Lammers on how not to code up large software systems
Poem of the Moment
The world's
beauty intact, indeed
it can never be other

radiantly intact
like the stars, like the stars

when the stars have no names once again.
--Franz Wright (from 'From a Discarded Image')
"Unfortunately, in my experience the only places without ice have southerners or californians."
--Greg Owen, 01-1-3
"Worry is like a rocking chair--it gives you something to do but it doesn't get you anywhere."
--Dorothy Galyean
"I don't like the idea of anybody getting killed, but especially me."
--Clint Eastwood
Thinking about merging the KHftCEA into the kisrael.com 'blog. Especially if I go for a pocketPC iPaq, with its much better screen, cool map software and decent web browser. The kisrael.com journal has images, it's written to a public standard, it has links to the outside world.

I should think about it more though. The palm has a much better UI, and I have the keyboard for it. If Palm came out with a higher rez model I might consider it instead but that might not be for a while.
"The sun setting is no less beautiful than the sun rising."
--Life Care Centers of America
This may be the final KHftCEA entry, written 'as I sits and as I shits' on my new IIIc. The kisrael journal seems to be a more direct way of doing the things I wanted to do with old faithful, recording quotes, playing with ideas, sharing those memes, recording myself for future reference.

Thanks, old friend. You won't be forgotten.

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