I've been writing down quotes that amused, inspired, or provoked
me (mostly amused) for many years- at least since 1990 or so.

Lately, my PalmPilot organizer has been a big help in this. This is a
terrific piece of hardware that's always with me. (I don't leave the
house unless I have my keys, wallet, clipon sunglasses, and my Pilot.) My
"quote journal" files (or "commonplace book" in the olden days) on the
Pilot are entitled KHftCEA, or Kirk's Home for the Chronically Easily
Amused. It also contains random thoughts and observations I have had,
most of which don't appear in this quote collection.

Anyway, a long time ago I wrote a Perl program that could do the same
thing Unix's "fortune" command did, namely spit up a quote randomly picked
from a file. For a long time I have been using that program to select
random .sig files for me as I post on Usenet.

This cgi program is based on that program. (Crappy) source code available
upon request.
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