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from April 8, 2024


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At the Museum of the Weird...
All That Razz at Voodoo Doughnut.
Texas Toy Museum had a bunch of toy collections and games (arcade and console) setup to play - Gen X nostalgia gold.
Dewbacks won me a bet a while back, since that's how I KNEW they were in the original movie and not a 90s CGI addition.
Eclipse Ready...
I feel like the weather made us miss out from the most cosmic aspect. But I did see one Eye of Sauron moment at least through it all...
Wound things down with a ghost tour...

from April 7, 2024

More Austin - Mount Bonnell, the Museum of Illusions, and trying to see some damn bats.

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heart shaped cactus, Mt Bonnell
In the Museum of Illusions...
Unfortunately we saw far more people than bats.

from April 6, 2024

The Dinosaur Park, Cedar Creek TX

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