September 1, 2017

So I've been playing with doing 3-month seasons rather than one month videos for my "One Second Everyday"... so here's my summer!

Lot of good band-plus-dancer shots.
"How dare you speak ill of Hawaiian pizza. Pistols at dawn.
Or dusk, because dawn is pretty early."
"I guess that's why a lot of old westerns do high noon. You don't have to get up early, but you still have the day ahead of you should you survive."
--Ryan and Daniel at work. We have a slack channel "#stupid-dea-buddies" where we add to a numbered list of Stupid Ideas, and no one is allowed to criticize other people's ideas, we want to keep stuff positive! (Based on the question Was Twitter a Stupid Idea.) Anyway, it's a fun channel, I'd recommend something similar for any company that uses shared chatrooms.
"Premium Medicore". What was so wrong with "Middlebrow"?