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from September 3, 2016

Aug 11 we had a repeat of playing with the Landmarks Orchestra at the Hatch Shell...

here I am front and center, both as we calmly played along with "Hall of the Mountain King" and then when we went into full on honkin' mode

from December 8, 2015


advent day 8

http://toyland.gizmodo.com/a-music-box-is-secretly-an-engineering-marvel-1746834514 here's why I keep giving music boxes to Cora
School of Honk fundraiser - look for me around 2:49. I need to look less casual sometimes!

The Power of Books! Man, I remember reading the most random stuff from my folks shelves. Of course later I was especially interested in anything that hinted like it could be prurient content...
Also, I love this portrait of the tired King:

But life is not invented for happiness, I do believe. It is made for something else.
King Arthur, T.H.White's "The Book of Merlyn"

from October 14, 2014

yesterday, I saw a video on the physics of skateboard tricks and this morning I am suddenly weirdly struck by the everpresence of gravity; how it's always down down down and it seems like a miracle that anything can stand at all.
The Internet and Money and Hearts......
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Standards_Day Today is World Standards Day. Except in the US, which celebrates it on the 23rd.
Also, the infamous Smoot became chairman of standards board ANSI!
Group shot of the band!

from oktoberfest


<<the best thing you've ever done for me / is to help me take my life less seriously / it's only life after all>>
I got your four finger gesture right here, Steve Jobs!
SO ANGRY because of loops other coders go to do automagic form to model mapping. Screw that! "model.foo = formelem.val" ain't that hard!
"Eternal Sunshine" collectors edition box is oddly selfpromoting, embossed msgs like "Dazzling", "Profound", "Timeless"-for academy voters?
"let's hear it for the boy", modernized, would replace "watches every dime" with "is up to hid eyeballs in credit card debt"