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from March 4, 2024

For both of our Mexico big side trips (Akumal Monkey Sanctuary and cenote + snorkle with Ruta Maya) we shelled out for the photography package - (more important for the monkeys, plus the sanctuary seems like a better cause)

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from final day in Mexico

I checked out the sunrise, found a new path by the hotel that later had some lizard friends..

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back to Boston...

from touring cenotes and snorkeling

We got a tour to check out some cenotes (these underground limestone caverns, many with water and part of an underground river system) and snorkeling near the coral...

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There are trees above that reach all the way down into the caverns below, the root trunks are curiously flexible. (I wonder if this was an inspiration for Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom's underground kingdom and lightroots)

from chill beach day in mexico


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view through our hotel door peephole... three floors up, eye to eye with palm trees
Roof of one of the many buffets
The market near the Bareceló Maya Mall

from Akumal Monkey Sanctuary and Anna + Kellie's wedding!


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from on the beach in Mexico


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Handsome man Dave
Less impressive dude Kirk
You can snorkel and maybe see Stingrays and Turtles but definitely Fish
Coral... I need to make a post about tips for underwater photography.
Jacked Jaguar
seafood at the Marenostrum
Our hotel the Barceló Maya Colonial
Drinks with Friends (Bareceló Maya Beach)

from Down to Mexico...


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Nice window seat...
Mattie G!
Moon over Barceló Maya...