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from fun times in newry

scenes from PPLM weekend...

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It got noted that I've probably been doing the most documenting of these lovely getaways... they go all the way back to 2017, though (thanks in part to some photo lost I seem to have suffered) I just have 3 seconds from my One Second Everyday montage (that was the time with the indoor pool and the mysterious troll like co-ocupants of the rental) - but for the other years I've made a new pplm tag

from hiking mount will


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Hey guy with hydration pack, 2 hiking sticks & North Face vest; my 5 yr old walked the same trail in Crocs carrying a naked Barbie. Relax.
Jack Boot

from August 7, 2022

Great long weekend up in NH w/ Melissa's ol' PPLM crew, overlooking Attitash Mountain. Admittedly the skiing is pretty bad this time of year but the Sawyer Rock swimming area Saturday was excellent.

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On the way back Melissa and I hit the old Home of the Water Fairies, Diana's Baths.

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from great weekend in vermont with friends


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(good bonfire but beware the trash basement)

from August 18, 2019

Great time in Cumberland with the PPLM crew

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(photos retroactively grabbed from video in 2023 ;-) )

I used to draw robots! I'm not sure if my current pen and crosshatch choices go well it though...

the problem with having a giant light bulb for a brain is how thin and delicate the glass is. and how i got hammers for hands.

a snail really do be like [scooting his slimy lil way across the garden with dogged determination, resolute in his understanding that the destination lies in the journey itself]

Relying on your intuition is kind of like assuming the information at the first google hit is right.

from July 29, 2018

Fun Weekend with the PPLM crew in NH - the grounds with the bog and toads, the petting zoo, the dramatic rain, and Top Gun...

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(retroactively publishing these in 2023...)
I feel that the smile in this CGI render of Toucan Sam is not with the eyes, and therefore might not be truly sincere.

from August 12, 2017

Having a great weekend with Melissa's PPLM peeps. An indoor pool, mad 70s decor, and a mysterious couple who live in the troll-cave like depths even when they have Air B&B guests

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(In 2023 I realized my photos from these years weren't in my archives. But then I stumbled on videos I had made for One Second Everyday)