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from the annotated random crap that pops into kirk's head

Got the iPhone OS update yesterday... now I'm cutting and pasting and going into landscape mode like a fiend! One of the other updates was a new app "Voice Memos"... I already had an app of the exact same name, and I thought I'd go ahead and transcribe the things I had languishing in that older app before deleting it:
Dream where, uh, it's almost like a superhuman scourge on the city, or whatever, like there's like human locusts that go to like trading floors and conference centers, and businesses, strip it down to the floors like a bunch of locusts. Uh Then they go to the streets, they drive around, in these giant vehicles, you know, these great big construction vehicles, just plow through dirt and mud, and tear down signs, it's just weird.
1/6/09... ah, the attempt to record a dream before its memory fades away...
Scrabble is to words what "Guitar Hero" is to music
1/11/09. I think I twittered something like this. It's so true, though.
The trouble with putting the patch formalism into SR to GR is that it is a long and complex answer to a question nobody has asked
1/15/09. MIT Mystery Hunt going on in the background. Totally forget what "SR to GR" and "patch formalism" is or if I'm spelling either correctly.
Nerds, and those uh, cartoons from "Great Space Coaster" - they were a total influence to how I was drawing as a kid.
1/18/09... so the Nerds candy mascots and these interstitial animations on Great Space Coaster (can't find theme, though they weren't La Linea) informed by "big nose" person style for a long while.
what was the song, "down on the corner, out in the street, something something" -- also the line about the "nickel down"
1/27/09 - I'm thinking of "Down on the Corner"
Ok, so with Lin, his thing with naming his bed "The Word" so he could say he was late because he felt he needed to spend more time in "The Word" that morning.
2/6/09. I think Lin was going to a Christian College at that point
Veronika's story about the Y2K Nutella and the Phhwwwt! sound, and stuff
2/6/09 - she told of a friend who loved Nutella, and especially the sound it makes when you first open it, and he got a great big Y2K commemerative jar that he was saving for later... but his SO opened it and stole the sound from him.
Story idea with the guy guarding the tomb, uhh, of Jesus, and he manages to keep Jesus inside, har har har.
2/6/09 - I think the idea is Jesus is pounding, trying to get out, but the dutiful soldier (who maybe fought off the angels?) is keeping the rock shoved into place...
_____'s story about his father going a little nuts, taking a trip to Mars, and the astro van, and the canal, and the mars bars...
2/6/09 - almost left this out but just censored the name, a kind of sad story about his father who had very pun-ish fights of fancy, but was probably losing his grip on reality...
So Jonathan woke me from a dream, told us about, this thing about a Game and Watch store display, maybe it had the "Braid" rewind mechanic, also paint every corner...and someone wanted to take my picture, like some fan boy of mine, who know I did this shit, but we had to turn on the light, maybe Trevor was there, maybe Joe, someone... anyway.
3/1/09. I don't know who "Trevor" is
TVtropes "boomers" for "kick the puppy"
3/2/09 - a Boomer in a cut scene in the video game "Gears of War" might be a good candidate for this page.
lookup "indexed annuity" funds
3/3/09. Finance!
The freemasons just told me did you know they believe a man's worth can be measured, and its not his power or wealth? why yes... it's the SIZE of his JOHNSON!
3/4/09 - the Masons have these odd recruiting commercials that start with that shpiel about measuring a mans worth, and I enjoyed thinking it should end like that.
do do doot do doot doot de doot doot -- doot de do doot do doot do doot... doot de doot da doot doot de doot doot, doot de doot doot de doot ...
3/11/09. Got to ask Mike what's that song we played in Marching Band
bumper sticker: "god bless the whole world. no exceptions"
the logo of 222nd street jazz
4/10/09 - a logo I made for my High School Jazz Band and had put on T-shirts in high school
3:06 Saturday Afternoon... Carla hereby relinquishes the right to bitch about her sunburn.
4/25/09... a day at the beach in Revere, and Carla was talking about how she was definitely not going to wear any sunblock...

I've gone into hundreds of [fortune-teller's parlors], and have been told thousands of things, but nobody ever told me I was a policewoman getting ready to arrest her.
New York City detective

http://www.theiphoneblog.com/2009/06/17/iphone-30-software-walkthrough/ - best iPhone 3.0 rundown I've seen. But - why "shake to shuffle"?
http://manolobrides.com/2009/06/18/lovehate-the-its-a-long-story-edition/ - supercool wedding invite