one terrific toy

January 7, 2001
If you didn't see it when it was the hot link a while back, go check out sodaplay now. The sodaconstructor is the coolest java toy ever. It completely epitomizes the "kinetic aesthetic appeal" concept I coined in high school physics (after Mr. Reno showed us a big weight attached to a spring at the end of string (in the form of a pendulum)) They've added the sodazoo with models that I believe are made by users of the site. My inability to come up with a successful original walker or other artistically interesting piece reminds me that I'm not now the genius I assumed I was going to turn into when I was a kid.

You know, Windows Paintbrush is better than Paint Shop Pro for one important reason: if you choose a brush of a certain size or shape, you see a shadow of that size or shape under the mouse pointer, not just a special cursor. It's brilliant! You can see what the heck it is you're going to paint before you paint it. The cow doodle from yesterday benefited from it mightily. Not sure what Photoshop does.